Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mamapedia - 2 Personalized cd's for kids only $20!

I should try this one after all the trouble I had around Christmas getting my little one a personalized cd!

Today's Mamapedia Sweet Deal - $20 for Two Personalized Children's Music CD's from Name Your Tune ($40 Value)

Get a personalized CD of 14 favorite children’s songs featuring your child’s name on Volume 1, and 12 personalized songs on Volume 2 (name mentioned up to 80 times per cd!!!!)
What kid doesn't want to hear their own name in songs????

Not valid towards taxes or shipping fees (flat $5 shipping fee)

Use coupon code SPRING10 to get an extra 10% off this deal making it only $18! (this code is good thru March 31st)

I think you will also get a $5 credit if you are new to Mamapedia, but I can't check this because I am already a member.

Go here for all the details.


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