Monday, March 28, 2011

Zulily has Envirosax!

Ok - I LOVE these bags and I love that you can store 5 of them in such a small pouch! It takes up so much less room in my trunk than all of those "grocery store" reusable bags (you know the big square ones that don't really fold up and aren't washable). It also makes it a whole lot easier to keep one in my purse for unexpected shopping trips (which I seem to have a lot of!).

Panda Animal Planet Kids' Bag

I have this panda bear one and it's super cute. It's $5.99 by itself, but if you get the set of 5 above, they are only $21.99 for 5 of them and the carry pouch!!! I have had my Panda bag for 2 years and it's still in great condition and they are washable!

Go here to see all (and I do mean all - they have a lot of patterns!) that are available.

While you are at Zulily, check out the other many sales like this adorable tutu (and lots of other dress up items)

I would so be getting this tutu for my 2 year old if I hadn't just bought another one a week ago. How cute is this?

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