Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jasmere - Fabkins - adorable cloth napkins for kids

Kids will love being green when they're toting their reusable, organic cloth Fabkins - Set of 5!

I haven't posted a Jasmere deal in a while, but I LOVE these.

It's Earth week and we all try to do our part. It seems like you go thru a lot more stuff when you have kids. I have been using cloth napkins to clean my little one after meals since she was just learning to eat, but my napkins aren't nearly this cute! She will LOVE these.

Today's deal - $11 for $25 worth of Fabkins. The price you pay may drop lower! The price drops as more people get in on the deal. (Your credit card is not charged until the deal ends and then you are charged the final price.)

Go here to see all the details (and note that although the pics show only 4 napkins, the deal says that a set includes 5 napkins - one for each day of the week if you are going to include one in their lunches)

•$5 shipping will be added for the first set, $1 for each additional set sent to the same address. Stock up and save on shipping!

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