Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Knorks are back on Eversave

I love these!

Knork combines a fork and knife to create a functional utensil with a "cutting-edge" twist.

$15 for $40 worth of two-in-one flatware from Knork

Don't forget, if you are new to Eversave, you get an automatic $3 credit making this deal only $12.

These are heavier that traditional flatware, but they are so nice to use and nice to look at as well.

They wash up well (I got my set the last time they had this deal!). I highly recommend this flatware, but don't pay retail for them. Even if you can't afford all the pieces you want right now, these sales come up quite often so do a few 5 piece settings at a time. I want a 8 or 12 piece place setting, but I have been adding to my collection 2 sets at a time when these sales come up so that I am not spending a fortune. (Not that these aren't worth it, but i am very frugal, haha)

Go here to see this deal.

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