Wednesday, June 1, 2011

St Louis Fun!

One Ticket, T-Shit, Race Bib, and Map for Scavenger Hunt on June 11

I am posting this just because it sounds like such a fun thing to do.

For $20 ($60 regular price), you get a ticket and T-shirt for a Scavenger Hunt in St Louis.

From the website:
 For $20 per person (regularly $60), score a ticket, T-shirt, map, race bib, food and beverage specials, and live entertainment at this St. Louis event on June 11. You and a team of your closest compatriots will race around the Lou to different locations, solving clues, and snapping pics of your success. You have as much time as you need to complete 10 out of 12 clues, but the top $300 prize goes to the team that gets back first. What will be asked of you? Anything from taking a simple picture with the object, singing for someone, putting together a mini-puzzle, or just making funny faces. Get a clue, grab your best pals, and cross this deal's finish line -- no film crew required.

Go here for all the details and let me know if you do this!

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