Friday, July 22, 2011

Zenni Optical - a better way to buy glasses

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I was just recently made aware of a Time Magazine article ["Eyes on the Price", July 4, 2011] where editor Bill Saporito, says that he spent $1000 for a pair of eyeglasses. One pair! That is craziness for me. There are so many other things that you could get with $1000. Even if we were in a better economy, paying $1000 for one pair of eyeglasses seems like a total waste of money.

I did not like seeing that this guy paid $1000 for a pair of eyeglasses (no matter how much money he makes), but I did like that Time published a reply from a reader:

Hey Bill Can you read this?
Please tell me that Bill Saporito is receiving mental health treatment, because he is insane for spending $1000 on a single pair of glasses. I buy glasses from Zenni Optical, an online site. It's $20 for a complete set at my doorstep, shipping included.
-Peter Minton, Winsted, CONN

To see the Time comment for yourself, go to Time magazine.

I went to check out Zenni Optical for myself since we paid $80 for my bonus kids' last pair of eyeglasses. The prices are very good and the reviews on the site are great. You can read the reviews for yourself here.

One of the best features on the site is the Zenni Frame Fit feature on the right hand side. You can choose a face that is similar to your own face shape or upload a pic of yourself, and then virtually try the glasses on the face to see how they will look on you! That is brilliant! This works especially well if you already know the basic shape of eyeglasses that you already like.

So, if you are in the market for glasses, give Zenni Optical a look before you pay too much somewhere else.

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