Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hero Huggers on sale today on MamaSource

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If your kid is anything like mine, it's hard to find shorts and pants that fit her! If I buy the right length, the waist is too big, but if I buy the right waist size, then they are too short.

I just saw these Hero Hugger belts on MamaSource today. I might have to try them!

Get a $30 voucher for only $15 and that looks like it will get you 2 belts and they have a TON of patterns and colors so that you can pick just the right ones for your little one. It's a flat $6.95 for shipping making it $21.95 for 2 belts (and possibly more depending on if you pick a pattern or solid color).

Go here to see the deal.

Even better, when you make a purchase from MamaSource, you get to pick a school that will get 5% of the sale price! I picked my daughter's future elementary school :-)

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