Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laundry for Dummies! Cute gift for a college student

Laundry for Dummies - the deluxe kit

I am posting this one because 1. I think it's funny! and 2. I know a lot of kids are going back to college or starting college and this would be a cute gift!

It provides a helpful poster of directions. Comes with: Dryer Balls, A Pop-up Hamper, a laundry bag, a sweater-wash bag, a 4 compartment hosiery bag, a tabletop ironing board, and a lint roller. A set of two dryer balls work as fabric softeners, just throw them into the dryer with a load of clothes. These dryer balls also help improve air movement and cut down on drying time. The collapsible hamper goes flat for storage and comes with a strap that makes it easy to carry. Also use the laundry bag for carrying clothes. Comes with two mesh delicates bags: one 23-Inch x 22-Inch sweater bag and one four compartment hosiery bag. The tabletop ironing board is a compact ironing solution, large enough to easily iron pants and shirts. The ironing board comes with a cotton padded cover. Use the 60 sheet lint roller as the finishing touch. . Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty

Meijer has this for $34.99 here, but if you have the Swagbucks go with Amazon.

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