Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plum District today - 20% off

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Get a $20 voucher to use toward a Plum District Deal (excluding Plum Steals) for only $10. (can not use promo code on this deal)

Credit shows up in 24 hours and $10 will have no expiration date and the other $10 will have a 6 month expiration date. That is plenty of time to find a great deal on Plum District.

ROASTe Everywhere Daily Deal

$15 toward Gourmet Coffee and Espresso Makers at ROASTe.com - a $30 Value
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$25 for $50 of fun hip maternity wear from 2 chix.com
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$39 for an 11x14 photo on an innovative metal print ($89 value)
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ChocBite Everywhere Daily Deal

$70 worth of custom chocolate bars for only $35
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Go here to see all the deals.