Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doggy Loot - daily deals for dogs

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Have you heard of Doggy Loot?

It's a new daily deal site for doggies!!!

They have lots of cool deals for the special pooch in your life.

One of today's deals is a blanket id tag.

$25 for one blanket ID tag and 6 years coverage (a $70 value)

You get to choose from 22 different color options.

From the website:
Here's how blanket ID works: choose the tag design that suits your dog best (they have 22 beautiful options). Next, register your tag at www.blanketid.com, adding your contact details, a photo of your pet, and everything that you would want someone to know if they found your furry friend lost (think medical details, allergies and care instructions). Attach the tag to your pet’s collar, and anyone that finds him has 24/7 access to all that information simply by using the code on his tag at the blanket ID website.

Go here to see this deal and all the others.

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