Friday, October 14, 2011

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily Fully Charged Review

We went to opening night of the circus last night and it was a blast! It is not the circus that I remember from when I was a kid though. There is a lot more music and dance in this new version.

Before the show, we got to go down on the floor and see acrobats, clowns and an elephant (he paints a picture that someone wins!). My daughter got a Ringling Bros tatoo (which she hasn't let us wash off yet).

The show starts with a bang!

My favorite parts of the show were the tight rope walkers and the gymnastics (oh my goodness, it's hard to believe people can flip like that!). Even though these were my favorite parts, these did not entertain my 3 year old like the busier parts of the show when there was music, lights and dancing. Those parts definitely kept her attention. There was so much for her to look at.

One thing that we didn't see were the strong men and I'm not sure why. Maybe one of them was sick.

All in all it was a great family night at the circus!

I hope you get a chance to take your family. Here are the show times still available at Scottrade Center:

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Show times are:
Thursday October 13th - 7pm
Friday October 14th 10:30am and 7pm
Saturday October 15th 1pm and 5pm
Sunday October 16th 12pm and 4pm

If you go, let us know how you liked it!!!!

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