Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Doggy Loot - awesome squeaker toys!

This is a GREAT idea!

If your dog likes squeaky toys (like ours does!), you need to check this out!

$18 for two large squeaker mats from Kyjen

From the website:
With today's deal you'll get two large, durable squeaker mats from Kyjen! Each plush, cuddly mat contains a whopping 16 squeakers inside! Your pup will be blown away by all of the squeakers. Each mat retails for $15 apiece, but with this deal you'll get two mats--one hedgehog and one sheep--for $18! When Fido gets tuckered out from squeaking, he can just snuggle with it, cuddle it or carry it around. As the good people at Kyjen say, "It's like bubble wrap for dogs!" But they're not only good for squeaking. Dogs also love to shake and flap the bodies of these toys. Other pups like to use them as a security blanket or pillow even after the squeakers have squeaked their last squeak.

$4 shipping not included so it will be $22 shipped for both toys!!!

Go here to see this deal.

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