Thursday, December 15, 2011

HOT deal on Target gift card at Plum District

Gift Cards Everywhere Daily Deal

Here is a nice deal today on a $25 Target Gift card!

Plum District has a $25 gift card (and a $50 gift certificate) for $25. Normally I wouldn't think this is a very good deal since you can get certificates so cheap, but use promo code FABULOUS at check out and you get an extra 10% off making it only $22.50!!!

If you are new to Plum District, you may also get a sign up bonus making it even cheaper! (I have verified that it's a $5 sign up bonus - so only $17.50 after this bonus and the coupon code!)

If you are new to Plum District, go here to sign up and possibly get a sign up bonus. (must go thru this link to get the $5 bonus)

If you have already signed up with Plum District, go here to see the deal.

And check out the Knork deal they have going on as well!

knork Everywhere Daily Deal

$25 for $60 worth or Knorks!

I own Knorks and I LOVE them!


Anonymous said...

I love Knorks as well, but I can't figure out from the description on the Plum page what you are getting when you buy the deal. Is it a place setting?

Brandi said...

You just get $60 worth to buy whatever you want from the website. If you buy 2 (you and your husbands account, hint hint), you can get a 20 piece place setting pretty cheap. That is what I did the last time they had this deal. I really do love my knorks! I gave them as a gift for Christmas this year too.