Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Purex Triple Action

I am a Purex Insider so I get a chance to try new Purex products. I was recently sent the new Purex Triple Action in Mountain Breeze to try. This new formula makes clothes bright, white and clean.

I love the smell. I am not a fan of flowery smells on my clothes. I like that this scent is clean and fresh. I did a few loads so far and my clothes have come out clean and the detergent leaves a nice scent. My 3 year olds clothes (which get the dirtiest) have come out clean (for the most part) too. I have had 2 stains that have not come out on the first try, but I have yet to find any detergent that can get out every stain that she seems to get on her clothes on the first try.

Like all of the current Purex detergents, this one works on both regular and HE washing machines. I have always found this to be a plus. It's nice that I don't have to go hunting for the right detergent for my HE washing machine.

Look for a giveaway soon to try it yourself and sometime in February, Purex will be doing another sample promotion. I will let you know when this starts.

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