Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oral B and Crest Mommy Party

I just recently held a mommy party sponsored by Crest Pro Health for Me and Oral B Stages III. We received an awesome package of goodies from Oral B and Crest that included:
Oral-B Stage III Brushes - cute Princess ones!
Pro-Health FOR ME Brushes
Oral-B Stages Flossers - Princess and Toy Story
Pro-Health FOR ME Paste
Pro-Health FOR ME Floss Picks
Pro-Health FOR ME Rinse (Berry flavor)
Cars II Gummy Vitamins (samples)

We also received some fun stuff to do at our party including the Cars 2 DVD which was a big hit! I would have pics of us watching Cars 2, but we had a little incident that every mom can relate to - one of our kids got sick (yes - that kind of sick), so our attention was more about that then getting our pictures and then the party ended a little early, but we are planning on getting together again to watch the movie!!! (The kids are very excited. Even the ones who have seen it already. There is something that makes it more fun to watch the movie when you get to watch it with your friends and have popcorn!)

Everyone was happy with their gift bags that they got to take home and my daughter has been happy with her new big girl products. She couldn't wait to try out her new Ariel toothbrush. She is 3 and she wasn't a big fan of the minty toothpaste, but she loved the toothbrush. Our older kids are using the Crest Pro Health for Me toothpaste and they are happy with it. What did surprise me is that my little one wanted to try the big girl rinse like the older kids so I showed her how to use it and she LOVES it!!!

You can see from the half empty bottle that she has been using it for a few weeks. She doesn't let us forget it after she brushes at night. I really like the fact that she is learning at such a young age to take care of her teeth and getting into great oral hygiene habits. I hope that they last a lifetime for her.

Something else that was included in the pack that got her attention (and the attention of several other kids) were the Oral B Stages Flossers in fun shapes (princess and toy story). My daughter didn't even know what they were (and I had never seen them until I got this party), but she wanted to try them out. We showed the kids what they were for and why they would use them (to get the icky stuff out that gets caught between their teeth) and they all wanted to try them (after picking out just the right one with the coolest design - of couse my kid picked princess).

The last thing I want to tell you is that every single kid that has tried the Cars 2 gummies has loved them! This is an awesome idea. This has to be the easiest way to get kids to take their vitamins ever. I don't even need to remember to give my kid her vitamin anymore, she reminds me. These gummies come in princess shapes as well for the little girls out there.

This was a great party (even without finishing the Cars 2 DVD). If you have kids, I would highly recommending that you give these products a try - especially the Pro Health for Me rinse, the Cars or Princess Gummy vitamins and the super cute Oral-B Stages flossers. 

You can go here to check out the Crest for Me products and here to check out the Oral-B products. I did some checking and you can buy these products at all your mass retailers including Target, Walmart and Walgreens.

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