Thursday, March 15, 2012

KeeKoo - free $10 credit!!!

REMINDER - This site goes LIVE today at 10am CST!!!! Go here to sign up and get your FREE $10 credit. Their facebook page here says they will be giving away some FREE stuff today too!
KeeKoo is a new daily deal site that will be launching in March. They will specialize in deals for pregnancy to newborns! Each day they will have an amazing sale event in the category of nursing, beauty (which I don't think you need to have a baby for this one!!!), newborn gear, gifts and accessories at up to 90% off!!!!

Go here to sign up now and you will have a FREE $10 credit when they launch!!!!

I will be sure to post some of their deals when they launch so we all get an idea of what they will carry.

This might be a good thing to sign up for even if you aren't pregnant or have a newborn. It's always nice to have a $10 credit to use in case you have a baby shower to attend or they offer a product that is good for mommy even if you don't have a newborn!!!!

You can also share this with others who have a little one or are pregnant now so they can get their free $10 credit.

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