Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great deal on Easter Baskets!

Do you have a few baskets to get for Easter? How cute are these????

Get a personalized easter basket from Personal Creations for only $19.99 plus shipping (shipping is with a $49 purchase - use promo code SHIP49FREE).

Deluxe version includes: ($19.99)

2 oz. milk chocolate bunny
3 oz. jelly beans
3 oz. bunny candy corn
3 oz milk chocolate malt ball eggs
4 pack Peeps™
3 oz foil-wrapped solid chocolate eggs
Basket measures 14"H x 8"D

Premium version includes: (upgrade to this one for $29.99) 

3 oz. of bunny candy corn
3 oz. of jelly beans
4 oz. of foil-wrapped solid chocolate eggs
4 oz. of foil-wrapped cookies ‘n cream eggs
4-pack of yellow PEEPS™
4-pack of pink PEEPS™
3 oz. milk chocolate Hippity-Hoppity Bunny
Basket measures approximately 14"H x 10"D

Go here to see them.


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