Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great deal on Neater Feeder!!!!

Image: Neater Feeder

This is an AWESOME deal today!!!

We got one of these for our black lab the last time they were on special and it is wonderful!!!

Today - get a Neater Feeder for your dog or cat for $15 plus $9.99 shipping. (these are reg $59.99)

The Neater Feeder lets your pets eat and drink without creating a mess around their bowls. It contains the spills and splashes that occur while pets eat and drink or from accidental bumps and kicks.

This thing really works! Our floor is so much cleaner and because it's raised, our doggie doesn't have to bend so far to eat and she is more comfortable! I highly recommend this product.

Go here to get yours. (They are currently slammed, so be patient or try again later).

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