Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Local - Bristol's Seafood Grill - sign up and save

This is for all the locals!!!

Today is my birthday and even though I am not going today, I will be going to Bristol's Seafood Grill in O'fallon soon! (Have to wait for hubby to get back in town so we can have our dinner date!)

Bristol's is our go to restaurant for the big celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries or whatever else we have to celebrate. I am from the east coast (Baltimore area) and when I moved to Missouri, I craved seafood. It wasn't until I found Bristol's that I found a place that made seafood the way I remembered!

I highly recommend the lobster bisque and the seafood mixed grill. The crab cakes are just like what I would get in Baltimore. Nice big lumps of crab and not a lot of filler. (The only thing missing is the Old Bay seasoning, but it's still oh so good!)

I will warn you that this is not an inexpensive restaurant. It's not an every day place. It's where you go for the speical occasions (and we don't bring the kids!).

You can go here and sign up for Bristol's email. They will email you a coupon for $15 off your first visit and $25 off your birthday visit!!!!!! Oh how I love when that shows up in my email! You will also get notices of specials like their Tuesday Hook Up which are always good deals. We have taken advantage of those once or twice when we could get out. (Hard to do with a 3 year old.) 

I hope you guys get a chance to go and let me know what you think.

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