Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Envirosax - another deal - very cute bags!


This deal is still available today! These would make great gifts. I LOVE mine.

If you didn't get the Living Social deal the other day for these Envirosax reusable bags, here is another one with some new designs. I love that these bags are washable and they fold up very small to fit in the car or in your purse so that you always have one with you in case you need it. No need to get a plastic bag at the stores!

Get 4 Envirosax bags (you get to pick your collection) for $15 plus $4 shipping. The above set is the Animal Planet set which I think is cute.

This Optomistic collection would make a great gift.

You  can choose from 9 different collections!

If you are new to Groupon (what are you waiting for?????), go here to sign up. Groupon has AMAZING deals.

If you have a Groupon account, go here to see this deal. You may have to click on Earth Day deals on the right hand side to see it.

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