Friday, April 6, 2012

Eversave - AWESOME deal on a cute stuffed animal pillow for new members!

Eversave has a GREAT deal today, but it's limited, so don't wait!

$14 for a 2 in 1 stuffed animal pillow - shipping included!!!!

Just pull the zipper and turn the plush pilliow into a cute and cuddly friend! Great for travel.

You get to choose from Pink Puppy or one of these 4!! All with FREE SHIPPING!
EVEN BETTER - if you are new to Eversave (or your husband or have a new email address), you can sign up here and get a limited time instant $5 credit (usually only $1) to use with this deal making it only $9!!!!
If you are already an Eversave member, and you want to see the deal (and don't have a new email addrss to use), go here to see the deal.

1 comment:

Tabby said...

Sniffy totally rocks! No doubt about it! Sniffy is my personal favorite! But if I could get them all four, then they are going to be my all-time favorite.