Thursday, April 12, 2012

Papa Johns Reward members - 15 free bonus points

Papa Rewards TAX RELIEF - SIX DAYS ONLY. We just gave you 15 BONUS POINTS to use BETWEEN NOW AND APRIL 17. Login and check your  FREE PIZZA Meter to see if you have enough points for a FREE PIZZA. Click here to Track Your Progress.

If you have a Papa John's account, check your email!

I just got this email that says that they deposited 15 BONUS points into my rewards account and that if that put me over 25 points, then I have 6 days to order my FREE PIZZA!

I checked my account and that put me over 25 points. Now I can just use the promo code 25 PAPA to order my FREE PIZZA!

Go here to check your account!

I hope you get a FREE PIZZA too!

Offere ends April 17th.