Sunday, April 15, 2012

Save some money - organizing my kids hair accessories

I have a little girl who is 3 years old (4 in July), and she has LOTS of hair accessories!!!

I have been looking around to get some ideas on ways to organize her hair accessories so that I could actually find what I was looking for instead of digging thru baskets each day.

I saw the ideas for these on Pinterest and Etsy, and they didn't look that hard to make. They were selling on Etsy for $20 or more and I figured I could get the pieces to make them much cheaper. I used the 40% off coupons that we get in the Michael's ad each week. Michael's sells the metal rings, the ribbon, the cute wood cupcake (all ready pre painted!) and the flower. I spent $11 for all the the pieces to make 2 bow holders and a head band holder. They were super easy to make. My step daughter, who is 16, actually put all the pieces together and they turned out fantastic. We still have one more to put up on the right (we are looking for the perfect flower), but I am super pleased how well these turned out and now I can see my daughters things when I want to find her perfect hair accessory for her outfit!

This is another bow holder that I made. The red hoop was on clearance!

These are really easy to make, so if you have a little girl with a lot of clippy bows, give it a try!

Now I am going to work on something for her cute pony tail holders!

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