Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chuck E Cheese reward calendars and certificates

Graduation Certificate

Did you know that Chuck E Cheese has all kinds of reward calendars and certificates that you can take in and get 10 FREE tokens for your kids?

They have 2 week calendars that you can check off and then bring them in for your FREE tokens. Some of the calendars include:

Good Eater Calendar

Daily Chores
 Table Manners
Let's Get Dressed
Done with Thumbs
Potty Perfect
and more!

Certificates include:
Perfect Patient
Tooth Fairy
Super Student

Go here to see them all and print one.

If you are planning a trip to Chuck E Cheese anyway, why not give the kids some incentive to earn a few more tokens for the trip???

Don't forget to go here to sign up for Chuck E Cheese emails and specials for some good coupons.

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