Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great deal on Label Daddy labels today

This is a GREAT deal!

I have talked about Label Daddy products on here prviously. I LOVE them! I use them on my daughter's water bottles for school (as well as many other items like the zipper pulls shown above) and they really stay where you put them. I don't have to worry about losing my daughter's things and she knows which ones are hers. This is really important since, as most of you moms and dads know, lots of kids have the same exact items at this age! My daughter's water bottles have been thru the dishwasher many many times and her labels are still there.

You can use these tags for sports equipment, school items (since they need to be labeled anyway!), jackets (so they can be returned instead of ending up in the lost and found!!!! - saves money!) and so much more.

Today, get $50 worth of Label Daddy products for only $25 on MamaSource. You can use this toward tax and shipping.

I suggest checking out the School Pack. It includes:
school pack includes:

1 Bag Tag
45 Extra Small
30 Small
20 Medium
10 Large
18 Mini shoe labels
8 Shoe
4 Zipper Tags

This combo pack is regularly $40.

Another great thing about Label Daddy is they have some of the newest designs including Princess, Spiderman, Tinker Bell, Cars, Toy Story, Phineas and Ferb (love them!), Minnie Mouse, Iron Man, Captain America, MLB logos and more so your kids will think they are cool too.

Get these now while they are a great deal and you will be all ready when school starts again in August or be ready for you little one to go to preschool.

Go here to check out this deal.

As a bonus, everytime you make a purchase from Mamasource, they donate money to the school of your choice. I chose my daughter's future elementary school.

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