Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lots of new Doggy Loot deals today!

Doggy Loot has lots of fun stuff for your furry friends today.

The Zigoo Crinkits water bottle toy looks great for a chewer. Put an empty water bottle inside and the let chew away without fear that they can eat the bottle. Doggies love the sound empty bottles make.


If you are new to Doggy Loot, you get an instant $5 credit making this deal only $11 shipped!

More deals available:

$7 for a KaleidoROPE with tug - includes shipping (only $2 with new member credit)

One bag Terra Bone puppy chews - $12 includes shipping (only $7 with new member credit)

Busy Buddy Biscuit Bouncer - $11 includes shipping (only $6 with new member credit)

And still more deals.

Go here to see them all.

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