Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopkick - get paid to shop!


If you have a smart phone and don't have the Shop Kick app yet, you really need to get it!

Shop Kick rewards you when you check in at places that you shop. You also get "kicks" (points) for scanning products. It's easy and kinda fun!

For example, right now, you can get 300 kicks for checking in at Target and 360 kicks for scanning products in the store.

Use your kicks to get gift cards to:

Best Buy - $2 for 500 kicks
Best Buy - $5 for 1250 kicks
Starbucks - $5 for 1250 kicks
Wet Seal - $5 for 1250 kicks (and other denominations too)
American Eagle Outfitters - $5 for 1250 kicks
and more!

Go here to sign up and get 50 free kicks to start (only if you go thru this link). Did I mention the app is FREE???? :-)

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