Friday, May 18, 2012

Viggle - get rewarded for watching TV

Have you heard of Viggle yet?

Viggle is an app that you can get on Iphone or Android and you get points for "checking in" to your favorite shows!

It's sooooo easy to use!

Open the app, pick the show you want to watch, click check in and then hold the phone up toward the tv set. It will ercognize the show that you are watching and check you in. Once you check in, you will get credit for the entire show as long as you don't check in to another show.

Some shows give you chances to earn bonus points for taking quizzes. I find these tons of fun. I did it for Grey's Anatomy last night and got an extra 250 points!!!

Use your points to get some very cool prizes such as:

50,000 points = $25 Best Buy Card
9,000 points = $5 Papa Johns Card
3000 points = 1 day Red Box Rental
and lots more.

Today, if you check into the Ellen Show you will get 1500 bonus points and a chance to win 1 million!!! That is a really big deal since the most bonus points you usually get for checking into a show is about 300.

Look up the Viggle app on your phone to join.

If it asks, please tell them sent you and I might get some bonus points too.

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