Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thred Up - FREE $10 credit and extra 20% off!!!

Have you heard of Thred Up?

Thred Up sells brand name gently used clothes. You can sort by gender and size. It's a great way to get clothes much cheaper than you can get them new. They have people who go thru the clothes that people send in and only pick the best (gently used with no stains) clothes to add to the website.

After you join, you can also request a bag from them (postage paid) and send them your gently used clothes. Once they receive your bag, they go thru it and credit your account. You can then request a paypal payment or use the credits toward clothes for your kid. Normally they request a $4.95 deposit when you request a bag that is refunded when you return the bag, but that charge is currently being waived. Now is a great time to request your bag, clean out your kids outgrown clothes and get some easy money for Christmas shopping (or some more clothes for your kids).

Join Thred Up and get a FREE $10 credit to use toward you first purchase when you go thru this link here!!!

Even sweeter you can use this promo code AUGUST20 to get an extra 20% off you purchase right now and you CAN stack it with your FREE $10 credit. Your $10 credit is good towards shipping which is a flat $6.95.
(Thanks Chris!!!)

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