Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amazon Mom members get 20% off on Sept 17th with code

Amazon Mom

Are you an Amazon Mom member? If so, watch your email for a special promo code on Sept 17th for 20% off TONS of items in the Amazon Mom shop!!!

If you are not yet an Amazon Mom, go here to sign up before September 15th and you will get a promo code too!

Amazon Mom is FREE to join (for a 3 month trial period. If you continue, you will be upgraded to Amazon Prime for $79 a year, but you can cancel at anytime. It's very easy to cancel. Just go to your account settings and you will see the option to cancel.)

You will get 20% off diapers and wipes with your membership (with subscription which is also extremely easy to cancel. I did this a few times when my child was a baby) and FREE 2 day shipping (without having to make the $25 minimum purchase).

And you will get the special 20% off code on Sept 17th!!!

Go here if you want to learn more and join.

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