Monday, October 1, 2012

Discount Angie's List membership!!!


$18 for for a one year membership to Angie's List!!! (reg $39)


Angie's List helps consumers find high-quality contractors, doctors, mechanics, veterinarians, and other professionals by collecting reviews from the people who have hired them in the past. More than one million members nationwide grade experiences on a scale from A to F, with optional marker-drawn smiley faces awarded for especially outstanding achievements. By forbidding anonymous reviews, allowing companies to respond to customers' posts, and screening each submission for red flags, the location-specific site better ensures its members a transparent and balanced information resource. Perks such as a mobile app, complaint resolution, and live call-center support (available six days a week) keep services safeguarded and consumers in the know. Additionally, the included monthly Angie's List Magazine provides helpful tips to readers, with articles covering topics such as in-home etiquette for visiting contractors and the key differences between doctors and mad scientists.

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