Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinypon Mommy Party

I recently received a large box on my porch and when I opened it, I was happy to find lots of fun toys to host a Mommy Party!
There were 12 Pinypon figures (as shown above), 2 Pinypon Caravans and 2 Nenuco Baby Dolls.
I decided to have a mommy/daughter play date! Each little girl got to reach into a bag and pull out a Pinypon when they arrived and that was the one they would take home with them. Pinypon figures are totally interchangeable. You can swap the hairstyles, accessories and dresses to make them look exactly how you want.
I opened one of the Caravan's so that they could explore during the party. One word of warning - there are a LOT of very small pieces that come with the caravan including small plates, cups and even teeny tiny forks and spoons. You can see them on the table in the pic below.
The caravan opens up and has lots of fun parts to play with. The top comes off and turns into a boat with two surf boards.
Our party pack came with 2 of these Nenuco Baby Dolls that make bubbles and go potty. The baby got some attention during the party, but not as much as the Pinypons. My daughter has since checked her out and played with her. I let her fill the sippy cup for the baby and let the baby go potty. That was nice for a little bit, but be sure to note that if your daughter leaves the "ready to go potty" baby anywhere, it will get wet.
All in all we had a great party and everyone had a good time. My daughter likes all the parts of the Caravan and has been taking her Pinypons on little adventures. I suggest getting a small box to keep all the small parts together between adventures :)
If you would like to get any Pinypons for Christmas, you can go here and print some coupons!
If you are interested in a baby doll for Christmas, go here to the Nenuco website to print coupons.
Disclosure - I received all the products from Mommy Parties to host this party. I was not financially compensated. All opinions are 100% my own.

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