Monday, December 3, 2012

Super HOT Deal on Fijit Friends at Walmart

SUPER HOT DEAL on Fijit Friends at Walmart!!!
A friend of mine told me that I might be able to score a Fijit Friend ( a very HOT toy this year) at Walmart for only $15!!! I thought it was a little crazy since it's on Amazon for $45 right now and it was on a lightening deal for WAY more than $15!!!
I went over to my local Walmart and sure enough, there were quite a few and when I price checked at the scanner, they were in fact $15! I bought 3 of them! One for my daughter and 2 for a friend of mine for her kids. This was quite a score for this toy!
For my local friends, I went to Lake St Louis and they still had 12-15 when I left. For everyone else, I would try your local Walmart if this toy is on your kids wish list. I wasn't going to pay nearly $50 bucks for it, but $15 was just right :)

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