Monday, April 15, 2013

It pays to shop around

It pays to shop around!!!
My husband and I are redoing our downstairs 1/2 bath (not really because we were planning on doing it right now, but we were pushed into action when our faucet broke and got hot water all over the area peeling the wallpaper off!).
We decided to go ahead and update the room since we were working on it anyway. We bought a new light fixture and vanity and then we decided we wanted to get the matching faucet.
I checked online to see prices.
Checked Lowe's first since that is where we bought the vanity and light fixture.

Then I checked around on the internet including Amazon and found it for $130 on Amazon. I was pretty happy saving that amount of money, but got even happier when I did a search and found it at Home Depot for only $97.60!!!!
It defnitely pays to shop around before you make any big ticket purchases!

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