Thursday, May 23, 2013

Campus Book Rentals and Rent review

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It's almost summer! School is almost out. My kids have just a few days to go (snow make up days).
College kids are packing up to go home for the summer. If you are a college student or the parent of a college student, you might want to look into by Campus Book Rentals.
You all know that I am big on saving money. I like to save money where I can so that I have extra money for the fun stuff. College is EXPENSIVE! I know. My bonus daughter is going to be a senior next year and we get to start looking and pricing! by Campus Book Rentals is a great way to get some money back for those very expensive college books that you bought and will never use again. (I know this for a fact as well. I have a few collecting dust somewhere and they are heavy.) You can go here to and look up your book. Print a mailing label and mail your book to them for FREE. They make it available for other students to rent. If your book is rented, thru Campus Book Rentals, you get paid. The student then sends your book back at the end of their semester and it is again available to rent. It can be rented again and again and each time it's rented, you get paid!!!
When your college student is ready to start a new semester, have them check out Campus Book here. They can rent books for 40-90% off the bookstore prices and it's FREE SHIPPING both ways. They have flexible rental periods and you can highlight the books. If that wasn't enough, they make a donation to Operation Smile with each book rental!!!
Operation Smile performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. Now that is worth a little shout out.
To learn more about Campus Book Rentals, go here and see a You Tube video of how it works.
As a bonus, you can refer friends to College Campus Books and earn a $5 referral fee and your friend will get 5% off their next purchase when they use your link! That's very nice! I don't know any college student who can't use extra money. Go here (scroll to the bottom of the page) to learn more about the referral program.
If you are taking summer classes, check out the $29 book sale!! Any book is just $29 to rent.
I hope this saves some college students some money!! (And maybe even makes them some money for those Friday night pizzas.)
Disclosure - I was given the option to get a $50 credit to Campus Book Rentals, but I chose a lower Paypal payment since my kid is not going to college till next year. I will be looking into this company when I get her book list! All opinions are 100% my own.

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