Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HOT deal on Labels for your kids

Here is a GREAT deal for all those with kids starting school!

Label Daddy has a deal today to get $50 worth of labels for only $25!!! EVEN BETTER - USE PROMO CODE JENN20 to save 20% on this deal making it only $20 for $50 worth of labels!!!!!

I personally use these labels and I LOVE them! I label my daughter's water bottles for sports, her backpack, even her jackets. It saves us money because people see the label and they can return the item rather than tossing them into the lost and found!!!

Great for daycare and school.

The labels are cute too. Choose from lots of different designs and characters.

I have the school pack. I love the included zipper pulls for the jackets!

Go here to see the deal.

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