Sunday, November 24, 2013

HOT Paypal Mastercard deal at CVS!!!!

PayPal Reloadable Prepaid Debit MasterCard.
There is a SUPER Hot deal at CVS for the next 4 days - Nov 24th thru Nov 27th!
But $150 worth of Paypal MasterCard gift cards and get a $50 ExtraCare reward for CVS!!!
So I just did this deal. I loaded the card with $150 and the total was $154.95 ($4.95 activation fee) and I got a $50 CVS Extracare reward to spend on anything at CVS!!!!
Now is a great time to do this since you can then use that $50 CVS reward to get the following for FREE right now:
1 Big Roll Sparkle paper towels - $1 and get $1 back in CVS rewards to spend on your next purchase
Hershey's singles - .79 and get .79 back in ECB (extra care bucks = cvs rewards)
Hershey's theater candy - .99 and get .99 back in ECB's
5 gum = $1 and get $1 back in ECB
Orbit Gum - $1 and get $1 ECB back
Kraft Mac and Cheese - $1 and get $1 back
Starbucks refreshers - 2/$3 and get $3 back in ECB's
Gum Toothbrush 2 pack - $2 and get $2 ECB's (limit 2)
Children's Advil - $2.37 and get $2.37 back in ECB's
Advil 4 count - .99 and get .99 back in ECB's
Ricola 4 pack - .99 and get .99 back in ECB's
Mycratine Migraine relief - $4.99 and get $4.99 back in ECB's
there are some more. Check the ad in store!!!
Go here to see the deal online in case you need to show the cashier. My cashier already knew.

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