Monday, September 30, 2013

Arts Cow - Cosmetic Bag sale

Cosmetic Bag (XXL)
This is one of my favorite deals!
Create a personalized cosmetic bag from Arts Cow complete with a picture. Get 3 (small, medium or large) bags for $9.99 shipped or 3 (XL,XXL, or XXXL) for only $15.99 shipped!!!
Cosmetic Bag (Small)
I made the small and large bags last year. The small ones are like change purses and the large ones are perfect as a nice size cosmetic bag. Larger ones can be used to carry bigger items. I know one person who made XXL bags for her bingo friends. I know another person who made small ones as tooth fairy bags. There are a ton of possibilities and they turn out so cute. Great gifts. I made ones for the grandmas last year.
Enter FAVCOSMETIC at checkout to get the sale price. Offer ends October 20th.
Go here to see the bags.

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